Why choose Sun Seeker Solar

Our aim to our customers is to give them as much information as possible so that once their solar system is installed they will be confident to use their system to its best potential. This is the case for each individual install.

We take the time to analyse what solar system would be best installed on your home through the help of a mapping program and if necessary an on-site inspection to clarify any shade areas or other concerns. The mapping program calculates the potential savings the customer can expect over various periods of time. We can further assist by checking current data from your electricity bills to consider consumption such as pools and hot water systems and these can be time clock adjusted to work when the sun is at its most efficient.

We may not be the cheapest but cheapest isn’t always the best. When installing solar it is a long term investment and therefore provide the quality of system assured. There are larger companies that will install the cheapest system but often the labour will be subcontracted to other installers who may not have their accreditation. Also to do the job so cheaply it requires to be done quickly and often using substandard equipment and lacking in good workmanship.

The panels and inverter are only part of the installation. It is most important that the panels are connected securely to the roof properly and to be aware of any roof tiles that are susceptible to breakage. More importantly is that the electrical wiring component of the installation should be completed by qualified electricians. Sometimes these particular companies are not around when you may need to make a warranty claim.

Sun Seeker Solar insures the best workmanship together with quality materials with excellent design and Industry leading warranties. A large percentage of our work comes from referrals from satisfied customers impressed with our commitment to quality materials, quality workmanship and impeccable after sales support.

What Our Clients Say

"Great communication. On time and great work. Recommended."

Ken S.

“Great service. Very knowledgable and professional.”

"He has my highest possible recommendation."

Tim H.

“Mark was a pleasure to deal with, responded very promptly, was clearly highly competent and did a great job. He has my highest possible recommendation.”

"Professional. Friendly. Helpful."

Joe K.

“Professional. Friendly. Helpful.”