Trina Solar

With high quality products that stand the test of time, Trina Solar have a proven track record for reliability and performance in the field. Trina has tight controls on every step of production, from silicon crystallisation to the deployment of its modules. This quality control ensures they can provide an industry leading 25 year warranty.
Responsible Manufacturing

Committed to providing clean energy solutions, Trina Solar constantly works to improve the technology and quality of their solar systems, while making every effort to protect the health and safety of employees and the local environment.
Sustainable Manufacturing

Trina Solar carefully monitors their manufacturing emissions and the carbon footprint of their solar products, constantly reducing their manufacturing resource usage every year. In the past three years they have reduced both their electricity and water consumption by over 60%.

They’ve been ranked No.1 globally for their environmental and social performance in the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition’s 2013 Solar Scorecard. Closely evaluating their extended producer responsibility and takeback, chemical use and product life cycle and supply chain monitoring, you can be sure Trina Solar products and systems are environmentally friendly.