Why service my solar system?

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Solar Health Check Special $199

The team at Sun Seeker Solar also offer professional maintenance and repair services for solar panels and solar inverters so you can get the very best out of your Solar Power System all year round.


  • Comprehensive Clean
  • Performance testing
  • Check for recalled or unsafe products
  • Check for shading issues
  • Wiring tests and inspection
  • Check all isolators and switches working as intended
  • Check isolators and junction boxes for water ingress
  • Detailed report with photos provided at completion for your record.

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It’s no secret that the Queensland climate can be harsh on anything left out in the elements. Solar panels and inverters are not invincible and can on occasion experience storm damage and lightning strikes, as well as animals nesting in and chewing on cables.

Contact us today if your house has been affected by the Queensland storms or you feel as though your system is not working as good as it should be.

Our Service

  • Complete Solar System Inspections & Maintenance
  • Solar Panel Cleaning, Repairs & Replacement
  • Solar Inverter Repairs & Replacement
  • Complete Solar Power System Audits
  • Solar Power System Insurance work


It’s estimated that 50% of all solar power systems in Australia have been installed by companies that are no longer in business and were installed in the solar rush.

This leaves homeowners and businesses at risk if something does fail. We can check your system to ensure it was installed correctly, fixing any issues where necessary. We can even make warranty claims on inverters that are damaged or no longer working, even if the company that installed them is no longer in business or cannot be contacted.


You can lose up to 25% of your power by not cleaning or checking your solar panels.

Why service my solar system?

  • Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of your solar panels every 6 months
  • To optimise efficiency, protect your panels and maximise your output.
  • Dirty solar panels can lose up to 25% efficiency!
  • Generate maximum power.
  • Extend the life expectancy of your system.
  • Ensure you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms.Your solar service includes:


Your solar service includes:
  • Yearly professional solar panel cleaning to ensure you are generating what should be expected for the season (dirty panels can have up to 25% loss)
  • Physical electrical and systems inspection on all components of your solar system including all hardware and connections.
  • Electrical characteristics tests using the latest technology.
  • Check the inverter for correct operation and clean any air filters.
  • Report any areas of concern, if minor it will be fixed at the time of service and documented.

To organise a system check, regular maintenance or repairs to your solar system, inverters or solar panels, contact us at Sun Seeker Solar or CLICK HERE to book a service online.

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